Common questions and queries about our vinyl stickers.

Can I do a bank transfer?

Yes. Fill your basket and get the final total including postage and transfer the amount using details below. Make sure you contact us to forward a copy of the order and to tell us you have made the transfer. We will process the order once the bank confirms a successful transfer...

UK orders.

Account number 70945409 00

Sort Code 089250

Overseas orders.

IBAN number GB49 CPBK 0892 5070 9454 09

Bank Identification Code CPBK GB22

Can you help me decide on colours?

We can send out samples of swatches to help you decide. Just go HERE, add to basket, & pay for the postage.

What is the best way to remove decals?

Yes you can, but you wont be able to re-use them when you have taken them off.  You need to warm them up with a hair drier, then you can pick them off.  Once you have removed the vinyl, you can clean off the sticky residue with a product like 'Sticky Stuff Remover' or lighter fluid.

Do they come off in a car wash?

We do not recommend pressure wash, as those things can even put holes in your radiator. Other washes, including car washes, are fine and, if the stickers are put on as instructed, they should stay on as long as the car is running. Unfortunately, they will fade over time - usually in 5-10 years you'll notice a change.

Do you do wholesale?

No, sorry. We make everything by hand, so we can't do wholesale as we can't physically make enough stickers.

Does removing decals with a hairdryer damage the car paint?

No. We've been taking them on and off our car for years and the paint is totally unaffected. We have noticed that paint does fade with time if your motor is mot kept covered. This means when decals are removed you get the original colour of your motor under it. Car paint colour restorers are available to help.

Are you really Hippies?

A good question, I'd love more time off to contemplate this.

Are they only for cars?

The material is designed for cars, but most hard, non-porous, surfaces will do. Even some flexible surfaces (like PVC) can be coated. The main one that can't is that plastic woven fabric material.

What happens if you get our order wrong?

Just drop us a line and we'll correct it, no worries.

What if I don't like the colours I picked?

Give us a call first because we make orders to order to your specification so it's not like returning to stock like other on-line sellers. It is, therefore, up to us if we will accept them back and give a refund; we may ask for an additional cost from you as returning stock & remaking is more time for us. We do not buy-in or hold stock because we make to order by hand, so on large orders it is upsetting if you just return them. This is why we offer free samples of vinyl that you can get HERE.

Can you use multi-coloured vinyl?

No, sorry. Just single colour sheets. I would love to, but the manufacturers haven't made any yet.

How long does postage take?

If we get busy (usually during the summer months) it may take a few days to process. At other times we usually find UK orders are delivered within 3 days of ordering. Airmail is 7-10 working days dependant on where you are & how paranoid customs are. We work from home and very occasionally need to take time of work and if we do your order could be delayed longer (but that is very rare).

Some of the vinyl is peeling away at the edges.

We ask that - before application - you clean the surface with hot soapy water to remove grease and wax. This may not have been as well done as required. Also, some cleaning products like 'Back to Black' may be on the surface which will repel a sticker. Any vinyl that has been applied to a plastic coated surface may have this problem. The vinyl is designed to go on metal surfaces, so plastic is always a bit of a gamble.

The decal has come off right away.

When you apply vinyl with soapy water, it's really easy to forget which side is the sticky side, because as soon as it is wet, both sides feel the same. Therefore, if you get it wrong and put the vinyl on with the non-sticky surface against the car, it will come off once dry. Please be extra careful with the flower centres and vines, these are the trickiest. Maybe you put them on in cold weather; condensation can form quickly on cold metal essentially making it wet which will reduce the 'tack' of the vinyl.

Why are the decals are not sticking to the surface?

The reasons for this are plenty. The surface must be sound, clean & free from grease before you put the stickers on. Also do not put them on fresh paint. If it still has a paint smell then it's too soon to put decals on. The recommendation is a month on new paint. Do not use wax or other nice greasy stuff before you apply stickers, do that afterwards. Do not put on in cold weather; condensation can form quickly on cold metal essentially making it wet which will reduce the 'tack' of the vinyl. 

Signage Vinyl and colour fastness; how long can I expect decals to last?

Hippy Motors started designing, making and selling car stickers back in 2004. We quickly realised that we needed the best quality vinyl and have always bought the industry's best. However, over the years, we started to find a few changes. Certain colours were not performing as they should and were fading too quickly. We raised this with our supplier and this is what we found out:

In 2007 changes in legislation were brought in to force manufactures to change the formula of vinyl. They took out some nasty ingredients and made the material better for the environment. Unfortunately this changed the materials colour performance and our supplier (and the collective industry) did not tell anyone.

Now, however, never trust a company that says they use vinyl that is good for up to 10 years because we can assure you the industry cannot make coloured vinyl that will keep the colour for that long any more. If it is printed vinyl, the expected colour fastness is a lot worse and you'll have a white sticker on your car after only 3 years of being in the sun.

Those who are old customers of Hippy Motors and are eagle-eyed will have noticed we have appeared to have down graded our vinyl from 10 years to 7 years because we don't want to fool you.

We found out that vinyl suppliers have always been misleading the industry. 10 years never referred to colour in the first place. It was only ever for how long it sticks to the surface, but the colour could fade any time after 1.5 years (for certain colours). So although it would still stick, it would no longer have its original colour. At Hippy Motors, we know that you want colour so now we are using a supplier that rates the colour for 7 years. But, it's not really that simple. The real figures are below:

Black & white - 8 years

Colours - 7 years

Silver & gold - 5 years

Our vinyl supplier is METAMARK UK and they are great; if you want to know more please go to their website.

Stickers and car insurance

Before you buy our stickers, give your car insurance provider a call and ask them if it's OK to add a Hippy Motors sticker to your motor, as some car insurance companies will try to charge you more if you have a sticker on it - some will tell you that it's a 'modification'. A sticker on the car is NOT a modification to the car so please avoid any companies that tell you it is, and insist you need to pay more to them for it. A modification is something that will change the physical characteristics of the motor from its original manufactured specification. A sticker is therefore not a modification so please stay away from businesses telling you otherwise.

We can fully recommend Aviva car insurance. We have had many conversations with them about our car and their staff love Hippy Motors stickers so give them a call. We've used them for years and have never had an issue with their good-value service.

My question isn't here.

Contact us and we will do our best to help you.